Bob’s Paragliding Maintenance

and Repair Services

Serving the Fraser Valley and all of BC Canada.

I will take road trips to your area upon request


our services

We Are A Paragliding Company in the

Fraser Valley B.C. Canada

We strive to go above and beyond no matter what the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best work every work day across our services.

We have a safe approach to ensure a safe community of Paragliding flying friends.

(He is such a sales cat).

About Bob

Bob is a very famous cat that we all love, that you will have met if you visited Fly BC in the past few years.

Questions are welcome:


By appointment only, on non flyable days

Our Mission

To enjoy life as much as possible and be safe about doing it.

We make sure that you feel as comfortable and safe as possible in the sky.

Warrant of Fitness Checks at $100.00 includes:

  • Porosity check
  • Full line strength check (20 kg’s)
  • Full asymmetric line check
  • Physical line inspection
  • Riser and maillon check
  • Visual check of cells
  • Visual check of top and bottom sail cloth

I also will replace single lines for $25.00 each or replace full line sets for $400.00. Lines must be ordered & come from the original brands manufacture.

If you have any small holes, I will patch them for you while doing the WOF for you at $15.00 per patch. I will contact you once I discover the quality of your upper and lower sail cloth, before doing any patching.

I will give you a full report of the wing’s condition and the work completed at the end of the day.

For any major repairs involving stitching, I will hand you over to Chris at Canadian Aero Sports

Feel free to call at any time. We may be flying, so be sure to leave a message.